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Bradley, Anna, Mary, Jimmy
Brown, Joseph & Catherine, Margaret Mary, Joseph, William, Joann
Bradley, Jim & Mary (Flannery)
Brennan, Thomas & Maggie, Kitty, Thomas, Mary(Dillard), Joan
Burke, Frank (Killer)
Burke, Frank & Mary (My Great Grand Parents), Elizabeth (My Gram), Thomas, James, Mary, Raymond
Burke, Packy & Jenny
Burke, Thomas & Agnes, Mary Agnes, Kay
Byrnes, Anthony & Anna
Byrnes' Grocery Store
Capparell, John & Betty Ann Marie, Rosita, Mary, Jean, Joan
Catizone, Anthony & Connie (Spieles) Ann Marie, Betsy, Tony, Vince, Trish, & Jim
Corrigan, Mickey, Jimmy
Cress, Phil, Robert, Betrice
Connor, Anthony & Smokey
Cosgrove, Rosie
Dillard, Mary & son Albert
Dougherty, Anthony & Alice, William, Anna, Anthony, Kathleen, Mary Lou, John, Joseph, Patricia
Doughery, Mickey, Jimmy
Flannery, Doc
Flannery, Jim & Mary, Coogie, Mary, Agnes & Billy
Flannery, John & Michael
Flannery's Pool Room
Gaughan's Store
Gaughan, Phillip
Gerrity, James(Base), Anna (Reilley)
Gerrity, John, Jim, Margaret, Mary
Gerrity, John & Carol, Jim, Francine, Jennifer & Kelly
Gerrity, (Pebo), Helen Ann, Jackie
Gerrity, Patrick & Family
Gerrity, Patsy, Helena, Margaret, Stevie
Gerrity, Peter, Billar, Mary
Gerrity, Tomcraft & Rosie
Heffner, Charles (automatic) & Margaret, Charles (Weasel or Snookie), John, Margaret, Laura, Ann
Hogan, Billy, Cathy, Jackie & Jimmy
Hogan, John & Catherine M. Hogan
Kilker, Tut
Kripplebauer, Louis & Anna, Louie & Sara Lou
Mahoney, Jerry & Mary, Ann, Jerry, Theresa, Mary Julia
McDonald, Michael (Clem) & Nance, Kathleen, Mary Ann, Eileen, Joan, Dennis
McDonald, PAtrick
McHale, Dick
McHale, Eddie
McHale, Hanna
McIntyre's, Patrick & Elizabeth, Mary (Sister Rosita), Catherine, Nora, Elizabeth, Helen, Martin, John (Trigger), Edward
McIntyre, John (Trigger)& Anna, Rita, Roseann, Jim & Patty
McNelis, Raymond
Miller, Marty & Kitty, Margaret Mary and Theresa
Mohan, Eva & Stella
Mohan, Patsy, M amie, Bernard, Jane Hinchey
Mohan, Thomas(Gus)& Betty
Monahan, Catherine & Tom
Monahan, Johney
Monahan, Rueb, Margaruite, Rose Mary, Jimmy
Monahan, Tony, Margarite, Margaret(Hause)
Mooney, Sammy, Julia, Delores
Murphey, Mary, Winifred, Jack
Murphey, Jim, Margaret Mary
Reichwein, William & Mary, Rita
Reilley, Jim & Doris
Reilley, Raymond & Rita (Ozelek)(My Mom and Dad)- Alice Ann & Rita Marie
Reilley, Michael & Brunina, Michael, Patrick & Suzanne
Reilley, Michael & Elizabeth(My Grand Parents) - William, Raymond(my dad), Theresa, Betty, Jim & Michael
Reilley, William & Anna, Jimmy, Mickey, Mary, Bobby
Reilley, William & Hazel Jane(Henninger), Mary Beth & Ann Francis
Reilley's Grocery Store
Reilly, William Father & Mary (Gerrity)(My Great Grand Parents) - Michael (my Pop Pop), Nellie, Mary, James, Alice, Margaret, Anna
Rooney, Edward & Alice(Klingerman), Charles(Chip), Dot, Patrick & Kyle
Rowan, Julia
Spieles, Donald & Mary Ann, Donald & Ann
Spieles, Vincent and Sarah (Sadie), Jimmy, Connie, Donald, Francis
Tarlecki, Robert & Theresa (Reilley) Michael, Robert, & Jim
Toderowski, Mary (Mame), & son Stevie
Trathen, Al
Walsh, Dan, Jackie, Dannie, Jean, Francie, Sabina(Biney)
Walsh, Annie, Honor, & Brian