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Alexander, John & Mary (McKelvey), Bill & Isabelle 'Belle" - 222 W. Centre St
American Legion Auxiliary Post 608 - W. Park St.
Bergan, 417 W. Center St.
Boguslaw Esso Service
Brennan, Mary - 424 Locust Ave.
Buckley, James Sr.& Mary (Mamie), 224 West Park Street
Buckley, James Jr.& Evelyn, James III, Michelle, Shannon - 207 L
ocust Avenue
Burge, Bob &Nina Family - 330 Locust Ave.
Centralia Auto Body Shop - West Center St.
Centralia News Agency
Chapman, Mr & Mrs Edward - Locust Ave.
Chapman, James & Mary Teresa (Teese), Donna, PattyAnn - 224 West Park Street
Chapman, John and Joan ( Lorant) , David, Ginny, Connie, Diane , Jack - 200 East Centre st
Chapman, Walter and Peggy, daughter Kymber - 100 W. Park St.
Cherapan, Pete, Mary,  Peter Jr.-  West Center St.                
Chromiak, Herrick, Charles & Eva   Michael, John, Steven[Freddie], Nicholas, Charles, Demitri, Francis [Frenchy], Eva, Helen, Mary, Anna - Troutwine St.
Clara Hause Beauty Shoppe - 210 East Center St
Clews, William & Dorothy (Benfield), Dorothy - Myer St.
Coddington's Gulf - Locust Ave
Collier-Kenenitz Family - 434 Locust Ave.
Connor, Tony, Helen Family - 301 Locust Ave.
Daley-Ryan Family - 303 Locust Ave.
Darrah, Bernard Helen , Danny and Jackie 112 W. Park St.
Darrah, Harry and Marie, South Locust Ave.
Darrah, Patrick and Rose, daughter Donna - E. Park St.
Davis-Miller Family - 441 Locust Ave.
Demboske, Joseph and Ann - 103 E. Park St.
Dempsey, Bill & Helen, Tom, Ed & Pat, 324 Locust Ave.
Dempsey, Ray & Rose, Ray Jr., & Bob, 103 E. North St.
Dempsey, Ted & Marie, Jean, Joan, Mary Alice & Ann Marie, 310 E. Park St.
Duffy, Joseph B. M.D.- Locust Ave.
Eckert,Arthur & Joan ,Georgene, Richard, West Park Street
Ellen's Luncheonette 522 Locust ave.
Evankovich, Mike (Duni) - 114 W. Railroad St.
Evans, George, Vera, Joan, Robert,Grace, Agnes, Charles, 118 West Park Street
Ferdock, Edward & Ellen - 106 W. Park St.
Ferdock, Mike & Anna - North Locust Avenue
Ferdock, Thomas, Annie & Katie - 200 W. Park St.
Fesko, Bill, Bernie, Debbie, Carol, Patsy, Michele -  East Center St.
Fesko,  Gertrude, Joe [Duke] -  East Center St.
Fetterman Allen Elsworth & Sarah Kostenbaude, Roy, Clyde, Earl, Claude, Ola, Erma, Gertrude, Grace
Fetterman, Jean - Main Street
Francis P. Mohan - Candles and Church Furnishings - Academic Gowns & Commercial Gowns
Gallagher, John Constance "Stella" 116 W. Park St.
Gaughan, Anthony & Mary Lou, Patricia, Tony & Joe - 112 East Wood St.
Gaughan, Joe & Marie Parkansky 112 Wood St.
Gerrity, Margaret Mary(Now West) - 220 Locust Avenue - Now residing at P.O.Box 53, Northumberland, Pa 17857 - Email is
Getty, George & Bessie, 426 Troutwine St
Gerrity, Mary & Florence - E. Park St.
Glowatski, David & Alice Ann (Reilley) - S. Lucust Ave.
Goncalves, Antoinette & Anthony - 504-506 Locust Ave.
Goncalves, Francis & Mary, Joe & Denise - 112 W. Railroad St
Grabowski, Edward & Martha E. Park St.
Grivnovics, Charles & Anna 209 W. Center Street
Guinther, Art & Catherine, Charles, Kenny, Doris - 702 Locust ave.
Hanley, Frank "Dewey" and Lottie (Burge), 527 Troutwine Street 
Herrick, Charles & Eva (Chromiak),  Michael, John, Steven (Freddie), Nicholas, Charles, Demitri,  Francis (Frenchy), Eva, Helen, Anna, Mary 
Hill, Ira C, Olive R.,Ira "Bud",  Nee, Tom, MaryAnn, June Lupasky - 
521 West Center S
Hinchey, Edward & Margaret - Main St.
Horvath-Paul, Anna, Peggy and Kim -322 East Center St.
Hosonitz, Frank & Mary, John, Luke, Frank, Evelyn, Ann, Pauline, Mary, Kay, Sue, Helen - Railroad St.
Frank "Sparky", Stella (Balchunas), Marcia and Frank, 100 East North Street
Hutnick, Charles "Taxi" Family - 320 Locust Ave.
Hutnick, Stella - 422 Locust Ave.
John J. May - Tax Collector - 326 Locust Ave.
K-9 Furniture Store - 400 Lucust Ave
K-9 Furniture Store - Park St
Karpiak, Helen - 103 E. Park St.
Keninitz, August & Helen,   John, Roman, Stella. Olga,  Sally, Polly, Donald, Mary, Katherine, Steven, Kathleen.  514 West Center Street 
Kimmel, Harry, Agnes ,William. Vera, Reuben, Mary, Walter, Mildred, 120 West Park Street
Kimmel, Reuben & Nell, 116 West Park Street
Kimsel, Henry & Jean, Rose, Vince, Patricia Ginny, 845 paxton St.
Krah, David & Michael 518 Locust Avenue
Kranzel, Izzy & Edith, Sue, Lonny, Danny, Michael
Kranzel, Marty & Roz and family. 228 S Locust Ave. from 1966 to 1978. 240 W. Park St, 1978 to 1980.
Kripplebauer, Sylvester and Helen - W. Center St.
Kukla, BABA & GIGI - 104 & 106 E. North St.
Kukla, Frank & Alice, Lorraine, Francie, Marianne, Tommy - 104 E. North Street
Kozak, Mary Herrick, 216 Railroad St.
Kushner, Thomas Victoria - 200 W. Park St.
Lavelle, Mary & Family - Locust Ave.
Lawler, John & Ana, John, Joe, Patsy, & Eddie- 336 East Center Street
Legion Dress Company - Main & Paxton Sts.
Leddicote, Billl & Mary - Main St.
Lew's Barber Shop - Locust Ave.
Libby, Jack, Ray, Margaret, Tommy & Joe Kenneff - 133 Locust Ave.
Liddicotte, Wilbert & Sue - West Centre St.
Lippman's - Locust Ave.
Loftus, Bill - 429 Myers Street
Lokitis, George &  Julia - 204 W. Park St.
Lokitis, George P. & Catherine M. - 108 West Park St.
Lokitis, George W. Mary Ellen, Mary Kay, Linda, George and B.J. - 226 S. Locust Ave.
Lokitis, Peter G. - 204 W. Park St
Lynn, John & Anastasia - Joseph, Mary, Anne, Nickolas (Hopago), Stephen 
(Lefty), John Jr. (Jim), Michael (Mocca), Metro (Mitchie) and Peter - all at 
700 N. Paxton St.
Lupotsky, Gerald & Pamela - 217 W. Center St (the old Benfield residence)
Lupotsky, John Sr. & Wife - 534 Locust Avenue (the old McCullon property)
Mac Elrath, Albert & Anna - Albert, John, Donald, Loretta - 111 West Center St.
Madara, John J. & Viola and children John "Sonny" H & Ella "Toot"
Malinoskie, John & Ann (Solop), Tony - 524 Myers St.
Mann, Albert - 113 S. Locust Ave.
Mann, Albert & Ann Marie (Haggerty) - 115 S. Lucst Ave.
Marchinski, Anthony - 514 Locust Ave.
Mary Ann & Sally Hutnick's Beauty Shop - 338 Locust Ave.
Mary Walchansky Cafe - Locust Ave.
Matsko, Al & Ellen, Rena, Alfie, Paul & Dianne - 522 Locust Ave
May, Mr & Mrs Edward & Family
May, John and Emma - 210 W. Park St.
May, John, Midge, Jack, Ricky & Debbie-326 Locust Ave
McDonnell Marie C. - E. Park St.
McFadden, James and Eileen 114 W. Park St.
McGinley, Owen & Mary, Mary Beth, William, Brian & Paula - 111 West Wood St
McHale, Richard & Frances - E. Park St.
Mehalechko, Mary - Park St.
Mekosh's Cafe (Chas & Anna)
Mekosh, George & Mary, Mickey, Charlie (Uncle), George. Marianne, Gerald, Anna, Joe, and John (Mutt), 223 W Main St
Molnar, Rose - E. Park St.
Moran, Joe, Eva, Jim, Marilyn, Jolene, Joe - 214 East Park Street & 521 Locust Ave.
Moyer, George & Margaret S. Locust Ave.
Murray, Patrick & Donna - E. Park St.
Noble, Betty , Bill, Bonnie - 436 Troutwine St

O'Connor, William Mary, Billy, Jimmy, Bobby and Joanne - 110 W. Park St.
O'Hearn, Mr & Mrs Frances & Family - Lucust Ave.
Owens, Ralph & Agnes - E. Park St.
Palko, John & Family - 341 Locust Ave.
Polidore Grocery Store - 504-506 Locust Ave
Pollard, Howard, Margaret, Jim, Lorraine and Howard-Troutwine St.
Potochney, Andrew & Elizabeth, Eleanor, Teresa, Mary, Joan, Andrew - - 519 Troutwine St.
Potochney George & Mildred, Mary, Millie, Helen, George, Rita, Patricia - 537 Troutwine St.
Prentice, Helen & Jimmy Paxton St.
Purcell, Vincent & Martha, Jean &  Dot - 432 Locust Ave.
Quartz, Michael & Mary S. Locust Ave.
Roscoe, Mr. & Mrs John & Family
Roscoe, Joseph & Jeanette, Sharon, Ann, John and Lynne - 141 S. Troutwine St..
Reilly, Edward, Virginia , Judy and Sean Reilly - 219 Locust Avenue 
St. Ignatius Altar & Rosary Society
St. Ignatius C.C.W.
Saint Ignatius "Teen Club" S. Locust Ave.
Sts. Peter & Paul Russian Orthodox Church E. Park St.
Schronick, Frank B. & Ursula (Clara) - 214 Locust Ave.
Secula, Jacob, Alice (Hanley), Alice Fay and Nancy, Troutwine St.
Shaeffer, Edward & Roseanah (Troutman) - Troutwine St.
Shurock, Joseph, Rena, Helen, Tammy, Kris Ann, Sandy, Joseph Lee
Smolke, Terence & Mary (Michaeli), E. Park St.
Smolock, Joseph and Sharon - E. Park St.
Stanton, Martin & Julia - E. Park St.
Stutz Funeral Home - 416 Locust Ave.
Stuzcavage, Frank & Anntoinette and family 503 meyers st
The Cecelian Choir Club - St Ignatius Church
The Centralia American Legion - West Park St
The Heisting Engineers Jolly Old Youths Choral, Loyal, United Brotherhood Inc - (THE JOY CLUB)
The Holy Name Society - St. Ignatius Church
The Knights Of The Altar - St. Ignatius Parish
The Pennsylvania National Bank and Trust Company - Locust Ave. Centralia
Tighe, Joseph & Dorothy S. Locust Ave.
Tilmont, Clarence H. Ella J., Carl, Alice, Mary Ann - 502 W. Park St.
Treese, Jennifer and Matthew - East Center St.
Wallace Gift Shop - East Center St.
Welsh, Gertrude
Wilson, John & Madeline Family and Drug Store - 438 Locust Ave.
Wysochansky, Emily - Myers St.
Wysochansky, John, Olga Family & Store - 319 Locust Ave.
Yarris, Helen Herrick - 218 Railroad, St.
Yeager, Bud, Sid, Charotte & Sara - Railroad St.
Yeager, Elwood & Liz - James, MaryBeth (Schickley), and Joseph
Zarko, Leonard and Marjorie, 232 East Center Street
Zimbo-Purcell Family & Hotel - 410 Locust Ave.