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Demolition of homes from Coddington's Gas station down

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Fan house


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centraliamoneyf.gif (196964 bytes)

Centralia Money

Actual flames coming out of the ground

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Homes in upper Byrnesville

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Arial view of Centrailia about 2001

Wash house still in Byrnesville - 2002

Photo taken by local photographer Phylis Galliger

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Memorial for members of the Centralia Fire Company

cfcritual2.gif (386456 bytes)


part 2 of the memorial

drill1.gif (93403 bytes)

Drilling next to my house in Byrnesville so they can take underground temperatures

free83.gif (122810 bytes)

Showing support in 1983 to try and put the fire out so we would not have to move

StIg.gif (68622 bytes)

Distant view of St. Ignatius Church

Close up view of St. Ignatius Church

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Streets of Centralia

tear1.gif (55502 bytes)

Demolition of homes

treehouse.GIF (104606 bytes)

A tree house in Byrnesville the kids use to play in.

Bench At the Centralia Intersection


Fan House After Demolition

Methodist Cemetary

Mine Opening Back At the Tipple. Now Closed

Mine Fire Area On A nice Summer day

More Mine Fire Area

Railroad ties used for mine car trackes

Hammies Hill

Park St. South Side

Park St. North Side

A shed that was left behind on Park St.

smallminecar.jpg (121741 bytes)          

Memorial Day 2007 in Centralia

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Centralia Spring 2008

stmarys.jpg (120390 bytes) moyerhouse1.jpg (151094 bytes) trailer railroad st.jpg (254129 bytes) railroad st shed.jpg (213504 bytes) legion lot.JPG (96955 bytes) st marys.JPG (50980 bytes) Centralia Amb and fire co.JPG (938505 bytes) cemetary sign.JPG (107269 bytes) centralia north.JPG (63407 bytes) centralia south.JPG (75989 bytes)

Last Memorial Day 2009
This was the last service on Park Street in Centralia
The Flag and Bell are now located at the Centralia Legion in Wilburton #2